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World of Warcraft best lore books

World of Warcraft, and Warcraft in general, has an excellent world of lore behind it with an ungodly amount of content available. Books for WOW come in various shapes and sizes but there are a few that you should consider reading just for the knowledge they bestow upon you. And who knows, some of these might actually help you out in World of Warcraft. Now let’s go down and see which WOW books you should read.

The Books

The best single one is Rise of the Horde – it’s Thrall looking back, telling his Father and Orgrim Doomhammer’s story. Also important is Lord of the Clans, which is Thrall’s story. Both by Christie Golden.

If you loved Wrath, get Golden’s Arthas.

If you like Dragons, Aspects is good pickup. Skip the other deeply confusing Knaak books.

If you like Varian, Wolfheart is not bad.

If you like Jania before Pandaria, go with Cycle of Hatred.

If you liked Jania after, go for Shattering.

If you don’t like WoW stories, go read the free ones on Blizz’ expanded lore website.

If you do like WoW stories, go read the green ones on Blizz’ expanded lore website.

Final thoughts

There are a few must read books for World of Warcraft but the rest of them are simply based on your personal taste. There are some books that… Are not all that good sadly… But a lot of them are completely fine and actually have good writing behind them. But for the love of god avoid 50% of the fanfiction… I have seen things from WOW…Things that you must never see for the sake of your sanity… Im sorry I need to go bleach my eyeballs and swallow a bunch of sedatives…

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